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At Windsor Community Acupuncture the goal is to make natural pain relief accessible to you  by making it truly affordable. 


In the 10+ years since opening, WCA has given thousands of acupuncture treatments to thousands of people with more like you coming every day!

If you have cold/flu symptoms, we respectully ask you stay at home for the time being.  Thank you!

* Operating Hours

Monday: 10am-12pm

Tuesday: 10am-12pm
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 10am-12pm
Friday:      10am-12pm
Saturday:  2pm-4pm
Sunday:       Closed


*all visits are by appointment



As of 2021 the location is 8911 Lakewood Dr. Suite 26b

"The Plaza" building BEHIND THE CVS

Park, enter the building.  Go up the stairs, take a left and go to the very end of the hall.  (There's elevator access as well.)

About Windsor Community Acupuncture, what we can do for you, and what makes us different

In a world of high priced acupuncture, people are not getting their needs met.  And so, Windsor Community Acupuncture was born of a dream; a dream that anyone who needed pain relief in a safe and healthy way could get it.  That dream is now a reality.

We are a community of individuals who use acupuncture to relieve pain and stress, bring emotional ease, support wellness, and nurture ourselves through the ups & downs of our lives.

Because we want acupuncture to be a regular part of our experience for decades to come, we need it to be accessible: affordable, comfortable, convenient, and simple. We participate by paying what fits our budget, telling everyone that we know about community acupuncture, and sharing our time & talents to support the growth of this community clinic.

We are men & women, grandparents & children, people of color from all religious backgrounds & ethnicity, with varied gender identities & relationships, of all body shapes & sizes. We are truck drivers, doctors, judges, military personnel, teachers, mechanics, students, government employees, cashiers, waitresses, postal workers, artists, rock stars, semi-pro athletes…and some of us are even Royalty!

Most of us had never tried acupuncture before setting foot in Windsor Community Acupuncture…but once we experienced it, we couldn’t imagine NOT having it as a tool in our self-care box. We invite you to participate in our radical system: healthcare for the people, powered by the people.


About the acupuncturist, Ben Arnold L.Ac.

WCA is presently staffed by one acupuncturist, Ben Arnold.  Since opening in 2013, Ben has given thousands of treatments to the locals of the North Bay in all areas of Sonoma county and beyond.
Ben holds a masters in science in traditional Chinese medicine and has been practicing acupuncture for over 15 years.  He has volunteered many hours in the fire relief, helping fire fighters and first responders from Cal Fire and The Red Cross.

Your First Visit

Visits consists of a few simple steps:







Appointments are booked online.  It only takes a few minutes to schedule an appointment and you will receive an email/text reminder.  Once scheduled, you will be expected in the clinic at that time. 


You'll receive a welcome email that prompts you to set up an account and fill out a medical intake online.



It's that simple!

Schedule An Appointment


Then you just show up!  We're located at


8911 Lakewood Dr. Suite 26b Windsor CA 95492


Park, enter the building and go up the stairs.  Take a left and go to the end of the hall and  you found us. (Take a right if you're using the elevator.)




What a session looks like:


We will talk about your chief concerns and ask a few questions and answer those you might have. Then you will get comfortable in one of our recliners for your treatment and the needles are gently placed. Afterwards all you have to do is rest, relax and enjoy the acupuncture for anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour. 


NOTE: You should allow for up to an hour before exiting the clinic.  Please schedule accordingly.




After your first treatment you'll be given a new patient packet to take home and read. This information answers most all questions new patients have and gives you good guidance regarding acupuncture, the clinic, and how to make further appointments if needed.


Since most medical conditions will need more than one or two treatments it is very likely you will be recommended a course of treatments that will give you good results. Acupuncture’s effectiveness is cumulative, and patience may be necessary especially if dealing with a long standing health problem. It is important that you do your best to commit to a given treatment plan so that you actually reach your health-goal and don’t miss out on the effectiveness and great benefits of acupuncture. Before leaving the clinic, we will discuss this for a few more minutes and develop a simple plan for you to follow.  Don't worry, there is no up-selling or contracts involved in this process.  The plan is no more than a guideline which you may choose to follow.  It is up to you.


Need more info? Here are some  FAQs  about acupuncture and the clinic!

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