If you require assistance, we must insist that your assistant help you in and out of the clinic and the chairs.

Examples include:

- driving patient to clinic

- helping patient enter clinic and be seated

- removing patient's shoes and socks

- helping patient to the bathroom

- helping patient make payments

- helping patient exit

Once the patient is comfortably in the chair, the assistant may exit the clinic and must return when the session is over to help the patient exit.

In keeping with affordability for all, it is important that patients take care of any extra needs and procedures needed.

Thank You.

The above is a picture of our chairs.  It is a bit of a low drop for someone who is very elderly with back and/or knee problems.  In this case an assistant is highly recommended as there may be no other way to treat you if you are unable to get in and out of the chairs by yourself.

If you require special needs, please contact us at Info@WindsorAcupuncture.com in order that we make sure this clinic is right for you.