COVID 19 Policy

What we're doing and what you can do to help keep you safe!

February 19/2022 Update

The only thing changing at the moment is we no longer require people to bring their own sheet.  All other regulations apply as listed below, including wearing a mask while in the clinic (whether you're vaccinated or not) until further notice.  We do not anticipate this lasting long.  Your patience is very appreciated during this important transition period.

  • All patients and staff must wear a mask (vaccinated or not)

A powerful Hepa UV air filter will be on at all times
  • Patient capacity will be no more than 4 at a time

  •  8 feet distancing between chairs

  • Hand sanitizer will be available in the front of the clinic room.

  • “At risk” people and/or people with flu symptoms will be told to stay home

  • There will be no waiting in the front