COVID 19 Policy

What we're doing and what you can do to help keep you safe!


  • All patients and staff must wear a mask (no exceptions)

Windows will be open for airflow

A powerful Hepa UV air filter will be on at all times
  • Patient capacity will be no more than 4 at a time

  •  10 feet distancing between chairs

  • Chairs will be wiped down with disinfectant after each treatment

  • All public stations such as the credit card machine and doorknobs will be wiped down on a regular basis.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available in the front of the clinic room.

  • “At risk” people and/or people with flu symptoms will be told to stay home

  • There will be no waiting in the front

  • Floor will be mopped with disinfectant, daily.

    ABOUT CHAIR COVERS:  I will have a small reserve of in-house sheets on hand to cover chairs but I ask that you please bring your own for a couple of reasons.  One is it is a huge help to me in eliminating laundry tasks.  More importantly, The other is bringing your own sheet helps keep me from having to handle more "contaminated" items than I need to, which means I don't spread it to other people.  So please try to do what you can.  Most community acupuncture clinics are raising their prices as a result of extra costs and burdens.  I am trying to keep mine the same.  Thanks for continuing to make WCA work and see you soon!!!!! :)