Watch this inspiring and award winning video about community acupuncture.

About Community Acupuncture

Community acupuncture is a proven and growing business model that provides affordable and accessible acupuncture to people of ordinary incomes and creates sustainable living wage jobs for acupuncture practitioners while building community. Pioneered by Portland, Oregon’s Working Class Acupuncture, Community Acupuncture makes this safe, simple, effective, 2,000-year-old medicine widely accessible in the West.

In the U.S., acupuncturists often treat patients on tables in small private rooms. The community acupuncture model gets back to the roots of how acupuncture has been practiced in Asia for thousands of years - in a group setting.

Receiving acupuncture in a community setting has many benefits:
•    Friends and family can be treated together
•    It is comforting and relaxing to see others resting, strength in numbers!
•    The group setting creates a collective healing energy that helps to strengthen each individual treatment.
•    Treatments in a community space are affordable because we can see multiple clients per hour.

We believe that Community Acupuncture can play a vital role in keeping health care costs down while keeping people healthy.

Most importantly, community acupuncture WORKS.  It yields the same effective relief by that of a conventional acupuncture business all the while keeping the price 5-10 times lower.